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Everything you need to know about buying, maintaining and repairing your home appliances.

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    Appliance Repairs You Don’t Need to Call a Pro For

    Before you pick up the phone and fork over a bunch of cash to fix your appliances, check out these super-simple repairs you can actually do yourself.

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    How To Replace a Range Hood Filter

    Keep your kitchen clean and grease free by replacing your range hood filter every six months. Here's how.

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    Everything You Need to Know About The Laundress Product Recall

    Here's what you need to know about the luxe cleaning company's recall, and how to get your reimbursement.

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    Homeowner’s Guide To Mini Fridges

    Despite their limited capacity, mini fridges are tremendously useful and convenient. Here's what to know before you start shopping for...

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    Why Is My Freezer Not Freezing?

    Your refrigerator's freezer compartment has one job. So if your freezer is not freezing, give these DIY fixes a try.

    These Black Friday Appliance Sales Are the Gift That Keeps on Giving

    Black Friday delivers on appliance sales. Top brands like Bissell and Samsung are on our "nice" list this year—take a...

    The Best Black Friday Washer and Dryer Sales to Put a Spin on Laundry Time

    Take a load off with these washer and dryer sales! Whether you're looking for a washer, dryer or bundle with...

    What Does a Dehumidifier Do?

    Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air, preventing structural issues in your home and respiratory problems for you and your...

    This Simple Trick Dries Wet Dishes in Your Dishwasher

    This dishwasher hack will dry your dishes in just five minutes!

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    Is Your Gas Stove Dangerous?

    Is your gas stove making your home's indoor air quality worse? Recent studies say yes. Is it time to get...

    How to Clean a Toaster with a Hair Dryer—Yes, We Said Hair Dryer

    This simple hack makes it easier to keep your toaster looking spotless.

    Are Front Loading Washing Machines Better Than Top Loaders?

    Washing machines spark more debates than any other appliance. Strong feelings abound on both sides. So are you a front...

    What To Know About Electric Dryers

    Electric dryers work just as effectively as gas models and leave a much smaller carbon footprint.

    The Best Black Friday 2022 Refrigerator Sales for a Kitchen Refresh

    Refrigerator sales are the best time to upgrade to a newer model or larger storage capacity. Don't pay full price...

    Black Friday Microwave Deals That Will Make Waves in Your Kitchen

    Black Friday is the perfect time for saving big on appliance staples, but these microwaves are already marked down! Scoop...

    Should You Have a Portable Stove?

    From jobsites to emergency preparation and camping, here's how to know if a portable stove is for you, and how...

    How To Make the Most Common Microwave Repair

    Your microwave starts but won't heat. Don't toss it; you can fix this yourself. Learn how to replace the door...

    What To Do When Your Icemaker Is Not Making Ice

    You can fix your icemaker without calling a repairman. Read on to learn how.

    Who Makes My Appliances?

    Whether you like it or not, branding is everywhere. But your brand-matched kitchen appliances were probably made by multiple manufacturers.

    What To Do if Your Range Hood Isn’t Working

    When your range hood breaks down, it's likely one of these four problems. Here's how you can fix each one.

    Tips To Get Rid of Mold in Your Washing Machine

    Washing machines take a lot of abuse — hard water, harsh chemicals, soccer uniforms. Keep these indispensable appliances mold-free with...

    The 8 Best Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

    Having the right range hood makes cooking a breeze. Check out the best models for every budget and style.

    Buyer’s Guide to Ductless Range Hoods

    If you don't have ductwork in place in your kitchen, a ductless range hood could be an effective option you...

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    What to Know About Replacing Gas Appliances in Your Home

    From heat pumps to induction stoves, here are the appliances you can install to switch away from gas — and...

    Put Ice in Your Washing Machine (and Other Hurricane Preparedness Tips)

    Hurricane hacks promise miracles, but which ones really work? We sifted through the most popular so you can focus on...

    What Is an Electric Composter and How Does It Work?

    Electric composters are a recent innovation with a promising future. Now you can compost at home in small spaces with...

    How to Install a Ready-to-Assemble Range Hood

    Build this simple DIY range hood project by yourself.

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    Is It Better to Stack a Washer and Dryer or Leave Them Side by Side?

    More and more washing machines and dryers can be stacked, but there are some factors to consider before putting one...

    Remodel Your Kitchen with a Custom Range Hood Kit That’s Easy to DIY

    If you're looking for a creative focal point in your upcoming kitchen remodel, try building your own range hood with...