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    Here’s How Often You Should Wash Your Towels

    How bad is it to use a towel over and over? Here's how often you should wash towels, where to hang them and when to replace them.

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    Basement Wood Flooring: What You Should Know

    If you want basement wood flooring, choose engineered not solid wood. It looks as good as solid wood, it's easier...

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    10 DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

    Stuffed animals taking over the toy room? These clever DIY storage ideas will help you get them off the floor,...

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    What Is a Daylight Basement? What To Know

    Is a daylight basement right for your house? Learn about this trend that maximizes living space while letting the light...

    Color-Changing Pinecones Make Fireplaces Magical

    Turn up the heat this holiday season with color-changing pinecones. Add them to any fireplace or fire pit...

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    How to Soundproof a Basement Ceiling

    Have plans to finish your basement? Noise through the ceiling is a common complaint. Avoid trouble and learn how to...

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    6 Types of Basement Floor Drains

    Getting rid of water in a basement with persistent flooding issues is a special kind of problem. Here are six...

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    Everything You Need to Know About The Laundress Product Recall

    Here's what you need to know about the luxe cleaning company's recall, and how to get your reimbursement.

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    What Should a Basement’s Humidity Be?

    High humidity makes us uncomfortable. Turns out it's bad for your basement, too. Here's why, and what your basement's humidity...

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    What To Know About Waterproofing a Concrete Basement Floor

    A dry basement is a comfortable basement, and waterproofing the floor helps keep it that way. It's a fairly simple...

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    Vintage Tile Backsplash Ideas

    A vintage tile backsplash adds character and old-world charm to your kitchen. Here's how to achieve the look with old...

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    Using Laminate Flooring for the Basement: What To Know

    Laminate is an attractive option for the basement, provided you use the right kind. Play it safe by sticking to...

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    7 Reasons You Should Consider Epoxy Basement Flooring

    Epoxy is waterproof, durable, attractive and DIY friendly. These factors make epoxy an exceptional basement flooring choice.

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    Can You Add a Basement To a House?

    Adding a basement to a house is difficult and costly, but it can be done. There are many factors to...

    How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

    Keeping your basement dry protects your home and your health. Whether you DIY or call a pro, here are the...

    5 Best Cutting Boards for Cooking, Serving and Everything In Between

    Slicing and dicing are a cinch when you have one (or more!) of the best cutting boards for your everyday...

    Guide To Waterproofing Basement Walls

    Nobody likes a wet basement. You can do some waterproofing yourself, but if you've got a severe water problem, your...

    The Best Black Friday Washer and Dryer Sales to Put a Spin on Laundry Time

    Take a load off with these washer and dryer sales! Whether you're looking for a washer, dryer or bundle with...

    20 Inexpensive Accents to Bring Your Dinner Party Ideas to Life

    Tis the season for holiday dinner parties. Here are 20 affordable dinner-party accents that work for the current...

    Four Essential Steps to Taking Back Your Garage

    From power tools to regular tools, camping gear, lawnmowers and snowblowers, the garage houses so many of our essentials —...

    Can Mold in the Basement Affect Upstairs?

    Mold grows in a damp basement, but does it stay there? Can it travel to the rest of your home?...

    How To Prevent Basement Flooding During Heavy Rain

    If heavy rain frequently turns your basement into a quagmire, try one or several of these methods to fix the...

    What Is an Appliance Garage?

    This nifty DIY project makes kitchen storage an absolute breeze!

    You Should Never Store These 10 Things in Your Attic

    The attic is out of sight, out of mind—which actually makes it one of the worst spots for some of...

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    Here’s How to Remove a Cast Iron Tub

    Removing a cast iron tub is a labor-intensive project, but it can be done by patient DIYers. Here's how.

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    A Guide To Pipe Fittings and How To Use Them

    If you're doing a plumbing installation or repair, you'll need to buy pipe and pipe fittings. Here's some help figuring...

    Should You Still Be Painting Your Bathroom White?

    White bathrooms are all the rage on Pinterest, but did you know they could actually distort your reflection? Here's why.

    Everything You Need to Create and Stock a Basement Bar

    Create the ultimate hangout spot right at home.

    8 Kitchen Decor Ideas

    Once you choose kitchen cabinets and countertops, the real fun begins! Check out these creative kitchen decor ideas for inspiration.

    How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets

    Are you ignoring your dirty, greasy kitchen cabinets? Cleaning them doesn't have to be a chore. Get your kitchen sparkling...

    This One Item Has More Bacteria Than Anything in Your House

    Spoiler alert: It's not your toilet seat. Learn which other common household item harbors the most bacteria, and what you...