Check out some of our favorite ideas for basement storage and flooring.

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Basement Wood Flooring: What You Should Know

If you want basement wood flooring, choose engineered not solid wood. It looks as good as solid wood, it's easier to install and lasts longer.

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What Is a Daylight Basement? What To Know

Is a daylight basement right for your house? Learn about this trend that maximizes living space while letting the light...

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How to Soundproof a Basement Ceiling

Have plans to finish your basement? Noise through the ceiling is a common complaint. Avoid trouble and learn how to...

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6 Types of Basement Floor Drains

Getting rid of water in a basement with persistent flooding issues is a special kind of problem. Here are six...

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What Should a Basement’s Humidity Be?

High humidity makes us uncomfortable. Turns out it's bad for your basement, too. Here's why, and what your basement's humidity...

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What To Know About Waterproofing a Concrete Basement Floor

A dry basement is a comfortable basement, and waterproofing the floor helps keep it that way. It's a fairly simple...

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Using Laminate Flooring for the Basement: What To Know

Laminate is an attractive option for the basement, provided you use the right kind. Play it safe by sticking to...

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7 Reasons You Should Consider Epoxy Basement Flooring

Epoxy is waterproof, durable, attractive and DIY friendly. These factors make epoxy an exceptional basement flooring choice.

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Can You Add a Basement To a House?

Adding a basement to a house is difficult and costly, but it can be done. There are many factors to...

How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

Keeping your basement dry protects your home and your health. Whether you DIY or call a pro, here are the...

Guide To Waterproofing Basement Walls

Nobody likes a wet basement. You can do some waterproofing yourself, but if you've got a severe water problem, your...

Can Mold in the Basement Affect Upstairs?

Mold grows in a damp basement, but does it stay there? Can it travel to the rest of your home?...

How To Prevent Basement Flooding During Heavy Rain

If heavy rain frequently turns your basement into a quagmire, try one or several of these methods to fix the...

Everything You Need to Create and Stock a Basement Bar

Create the ultimate hangout spot right at home.

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What Is a Sump Pump?

Standing water in your home can lead to structural problems and health hazards. One solution is a sump pump.

Family Handyman Reader Projects: Indoor Spaces

Family Handyman readers were busy during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, diving into their to-do lists. Here we take...

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Building Stairs

Learn the ins and outs of building stairs before you jump into a project on your own.

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10 Basement Remodel Ideas

On the hunt for basement remodel ideas? Get your wheels turning with these stunning spaces that are anything but an...

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Why Old Homes Have a Tiny Iron Door Leading to the Basement

Today it serves merely as decoration, but long ago this door leading to the basement served an important purpose.

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9 Basement Shelving Ideas To Increase Storage Space

The basement can be a notoriously messy space. Clean up, get organized and reclaim your lower level with these creative...

How to DIY Laundry Room Shelves

Convert your dreary basement laundry into a functional, organized and finished workspace.

Using a Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

Drain your sump even when the power is out

How to Paint Concrete Floors

Transform your concrete basement or garage floor with a fresh coat of paint.

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The Best (and Worst) Projects for Your Home’s Resale Value

Are you looking for a specific renovation project that will improve the resale value of your home? Your return on...

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7 Best Storage Totes and Containers for Your Basement

Maximize basement space and bring order to your belongings with the best storage totes and bins for basement organization.

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10 Best Basement Paint Colors

Turn your basement into a cozy retreat with these fresh and inviting paint color ideas.

15 Weird Objects Our Readers Found Lurking Behind Their Walls

From old newsprint to weapons to mummified animals, we asked our readers to show us treasures they found behind the...

Pro Tips for Basement Finishing

These are great tips on how to solve many of the problems you're likely to encounter when working on your...

Working With Metal-Clad (MC) Cable

MC cable is easier to work with than rigid conduit and offers protection from fire, vibration, gnawing pests and physical...

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How to Achieve Better Yard Drainage

Soggy yard? Here are your options.

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Best Concrete Paints for 2022

Painting concrete surfaces can be challenging. Here are some of the best concrete paints for your garage, basement, porch or...