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    Starting an Indoor Herb Garden

    Starting an indoor herb garden is surprisingly simple. With a little light and a few well-chosen herbs, soon you'll have home-grown herbs to enjoy.

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    What To Know Before Buying Vegetable and Flower Seeds

    When it's time to start buying seeds for next season's garden, consider these factors before you decide where and how...

    The 6 Best Electric Snow Blowers of 2022

    When it's time to clear snow from your driveway or walkway, you want the best electric snow blower around.

    Clear a Path to the Holidays With These Snow Blower Deals

    Even if it's a white Christmas in the driveway, there's no need to spend hours shoveling. Clear the way for...

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    Tips for Buying Used Tools

    It can be tough to find the cash you need to purchase new tools. But who says your new tools...

    These Winter Car Deals Will Save Your Wallet and Tires

    Don't leave the house without stocking up on the best trunk must-haves for cold-weather driving. Take the bite out of...

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    What To Know About Choosing and Using a Handsaw

    If you think a handsaw isn't useful in a world full of power tools, think again! Learn why you still...

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    Can You Remove Snow From the Driveway Without a Shovel?

    Here are 15 alternatives — some rather resourceful — to the grind of shoveling your driveway.

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    Can You Leave Snow on the Deck?

    Here's why you should remove snow from your deck, along with some tools and products to do it.

    This Viral Tape Measure Hack Will Help You on Your Next DIY Project

    Having trouble getting your tape measure right down into a corner? We tested a viral tape measure hack claiming to...

    The 6 Best Heated Vests to Keep Your Core Toasty and Warm

    Bone-chilling cold keeping you indoors this winter? Try one of these best heated vests to keep your core (and the...

    Generac and DR Generators Recalled Over Safety Issues

    On Nov. 10, 2022, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a massive generator recall of over 320,000 portable...

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    How Much Does Snow Removal Cost?

    The cost of residential snow removal depends on a number of factors. Here are some ballpark costs to expect.

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    Honda To Stop Manufacturing All Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

    Those red walk-behinds are going the way of the brontosaurus. What does that mean for your lawn care routine?

    Easy Woodcarving Project: How To Carve a Wooden Duck

    If you're looking for a beginner wood carving project, a duck is a great place to start. Follow these steps...

    What To Know About Sharpening a Handsaw

    Thinking of learning how to sharpen a handsaw? As an experienced woodworker, it's a skill I personally find largely unnecessary....

    This Digital Tape Measure Made Time Magazine’s Best Innovations of 2022 List—Here’s Why

    The T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure includes intuitive features like an extended laser line for more accurate measurements and an...

    How to Remove a Nail Without a Head With an Easy Internet Hack

    Is a headless nail giving you grief? Learn our favorite methods for how to remove a nail without a head...

    How To Remove Ice From Your Windshield

    Winter is upon us. For many, that means removing ice from a windshield. Follow these tips for conquering windshield ice.

    Most Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Vehicles

    Lower prices and improved technology are making electric vehicles increasingly popular. If you're considering buying an EV, here's what you...

    How To Winterize a Pressure Washer

    Own a pressure washer that needs to be put to bed for winter? Follow this detailed guide on how to...

    How To Drain Gas From a Lawn Mower

    When a lawn mower needs to be winterized, draining the gas is an important step. This detailed guide shows you...

    How To Remove a Spark Plug From a Lawn Mower

    When winterizing your lawn mower, spark plug inspection is an important step. Here's how to safely remove the spark plug...

    12 Winter Safety Tips for Outdoor Workers

    For many, the job can't stop when the snow starts falling. Prepare for winter weather now so you can work...

    9 Types of Clamps and What They’re Used For

    You need clamps to hold something temporarily or permanently in place. Here are some of the most useful kinds of...

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    What Are Woodworking Rasps and Files?

    Rasps and files allow you to shape and smooth your woodworking projects. Here's an introduction to these useful tools.

    Woodturning Basics: Tips for Beginners

    Here are 10 tips for beginners who want to get off on the right foot with woodturning.

    What Is a Miter Box?

    Need to make a few angled cuts but don't have the budget or space for a full-sized miter saw? A...

    The 7 Best Safety Glasses of 2022

    Keep your eyes protected and your vision clear with these picks for best safety glasses on the market.

    Black Friday Lawn Mower Sales Are Back: Here Are Our Picks for 2022

    Whether you're looking for electric lawnmower sales or deals on push mowers for a smaller yard, find something that gives...

    How To Prepare Your Garage for an Electric Vehicle

    Switching to an all-electric vehicle involves more than new driving practices. Here's what you need to know.